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…………is fundamentally a reminder about why we drink tea: to feel better!


Scientists have proved that tea is good for you. The combination of polyphenols, L-Theanine and caffeine in tea protect against cancer and dementia and the dreaded ageing process as a whole, whilst stabilising our mental outlook and even helping with weight loss.


Collagraphy is a form of printmaking that celebrates the use of textural surfaces. I have consciously chosen six collage materials/techniques that allude to emotions associated with stressful living! In no particular order, so you can decide which is which, I have nicknamed the teapots: “wrinkled”, “torn”, “rough”, “cracked”, “delicate”, and “wiped out”.


I have inked each individual teapot once only in six different colours inspired by the uplifting and rejuvenating greens, yellows and browns of brewed tea liquor. The 36 hand-inked teapots were then collated into harmonious groups of six. Each group is unique because of the varied combinations of colour to pot.


Even the notion of grouping the teapots has symbolic value; the word for “six”  in Chinese sounds like the word for “wealth”, “profitable”, “smooth” and “road”, so this number is considered very auspicious; it is popular with businessmen who want to ensure their future ventures are successful. The concept of good luck in China is commonly attached to the many homonyms available in the language.

"Tea to the rescue 2"

Hand-inked collagraph print, 1/1

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