Dingshan is famous for artisan makers of teapots using the local purple Yixing clay. The teapots are unglazed and can vary in colour from red to brown to deep purple. Some teapots are also made in clay mixed with minerals and range from yellow ochre to green and black. With use, the unglazed teapots absorb the flavours of the tea and acquire a certain patina with age. Hence the Chinese will use a separate teapot for individual teas to ensure the delicate flavours of the teas aren’t contaminated.


 This print is a celebration of the Yixing teapot and a chance to mix inks which match the beautiful colours of the clay! I pared down texture to an absolute minimum, relying solely on the contrast in tone achieved by providing just three different surfaces for inking and detailed knife scoring.

"Purple clay"

Hand-inked collagraph print