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Cyanotype is a fascinating process which I have been experimenting with over the past few years. The paper is coated with a light-sensitive solution. The coated areas turn blue when exposed to UV rays. The layered effect was achieved by experimenting with exposure times using hand-cut tea leaf stencils. This print is a real one-off because the way I use cyanotype is not an exact science; I don’t have a light box and I must seize the moment on those rare clear sunny days!


The story behind this print is my re-discovery of tea; having abandoned it in favour of coffee many years ago, Rob and Michelle from Comins Teahouse encouraged me to try tea again. Loose leaf tea infused for the right amount of time at the correct water temperature is a world apart from the drab, lacklustre brew you get from tea grains cramped into a bag.  Let the tea leaves move freely; you will be rewarded with a myriad of flavours, and your tea experience becomes exciting again!

"Loose leaf tea"

Unique cyanotype

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